The HVAC situation isn’t as good

This week is going to be crazy.

I have several anniversarys that I am in plus they are a whole weekend worth of stuff a piece.

I also need to buy plus wrap presents for the holidays, but on top of those things, I need to move all our belongings from our apartment an third down south. I have been making many trips throughout the week. I am moving 1 little thing at a time in hopes that I don’t need to rent a u-haul. I am excited to move since I am upgrading in a way. I will have several bathrooms rather than 1. I also get a greater kitchen with newer appliances! My home office has a substantial walk-in closet that I am pumped up to fill. The yard is almost 4 times greater plus totally private. The only negative is the HVAC component isn’t as good, and at our apartment our property owner got a ductless mini split that is HVAC zone control cable. I could custom set a weather conditions control program for each room of the house. I also could save money not heating or cooling rooms or the condo while I am gone. I entirely adore that kind of HVAC equipment. My new condo has an outdated central HVAC unit. I will need to assume about air duct cleaning plus respected heating repair now too. I no longer can call a property owner if anything goes wrong with the unit. I will now need to put on our HVAC professional hat plus I am not looking forward to it.


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