The Heating and Air Conditioning situation isn’t as good

This month is going to be crazy.

I have 2 weddings that I am in and they are a whole weekend worth of stuff a piece. I also need to buy and wrap presents for the holidays, on top of those things, I need to transport all my belongings from my lake house an hour down south. I have been making many trips throughout the week. I am moving a single little thing at a time in hopes that I don’t need to rent a u-haul. I am happy to transport since I am upgrading in a way. I will have 2 lavatorys rather than a single. I also get a larger kitchen with newer appliances. My kitchen has a giant walk-in closet that I am pumped up to fill. The yard is almost many times larger and totally private. The only negative is the Heating and Air Conditioning unit isn’t as good, at my lake house my property owner got a ductless mini split that is Heating and Air Conditioning zone control cable. I could custom set a temperature control program for each room of the house. I also could save currency not heating or cooling rooms or the lake house while I am gone. I absolutely appreciate that kind of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. My modern lake house has an seasoned central Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I will need to think about HVAC duct cleaning and proper heating maintenance now too. I no longer can call a property owner if anything goes wrong with the unit. I will now need to put on my Heating and Air Conditioning professional hat and I am not looking forward to it.


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