I cannot recognize no 1 called about the AC

My roommates are some of the laziest gentlemen that I have ever known. Both of us got stuck residing together in a college housing situation. I didn’t recognize any of these bums until a few weeks ago. They could be cleaner plus they could be nicer, however I’m forced to deal with them. Both of us were all up for supper this day when the AC stopped laboring. The equipment made a loud screeching sound plus then the AC didn’t blow any more chilly air. I was running late for labor at the library, although I told my roommates that somebody needed to call the service shop to get the AC in our beach house fixed. I assumed that I would come beach house from labor plus the complication would be magically gone, however the AC still wasn’t laboring when I got back later that day. To make matters worse, it was extremely humid during the day plus there was mold growing in the lavatory, however nobody was home, so I called the landlord to report the AC issue. She said it was the first call. The woman wasn’t tied up when I called, plus she came right over to fix the AC. The gentlemen could have had this done way earlier in the day if they would have just picked up the phones plus made the call. I wish the college staff would find me another venue to live! Even if I have to pack up everything plus transfer across campus, I’d still rather live anywhere else. These gentlemen have no respect for anyone plus they do not mind residing in filth without amenities.

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