The garage was a great place for the ductless HVAC system

My wife and I thought about converting the garage into an exercise room.

We were tired of paying the astronomical membership fees at the gym, but we didn’t have any space in the house.

We didn’t use the garage for our cars, and half of the space was filled with junk. My wife came up with the idea of converting the garage and I thought it was a fantastic use for the space. My wife and I were going to add a window HVAC unit to the garage, since we had a small window near the ceiling. Fortunately, the building contractor came up with a much better idea. The contractor advised us to buy a ductless HVAC unit. He said it would be more energy efficient and he said it would look better and last last longer. Since my wife and I were planning to buy a window unit, we decided to think about our decision. We read some useful information about ductless heating and cooling options. By the time we were finished with our research, my wife and I made the decision to buy a ductless HVAC unit. That building contractor installed the mini split heating and cooling system during the renovation part of the project. When the garage was finished, it no longer looked like a place to park the car. The contractor came up with some great ways to make the space more accessible. We even have a new built in wall shelf. We transformed that old area into a brand new exercise room with two treadmills and a surround sound system. To be honest, it’s never looked better.

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