I was in care about with the HVAC worker.

I had had the same HVAC worker for the last five years.

He had been the only HVAC worker to work on my equipment.

I certainly liked the guy & how friendly he was. I never had to worry about him being in my house. The first time he was there, he saw my colorless carpeting & went back out to the service van. He came in with booties to go over his shoes that would protect my carpet. He worked on the gas furnace, & he was even the man who came to install my a/c unit. I’m not sure if I wanted to trust anyone else with my HVAC equipment. I finally had to admit to myself that I was in ‘like’ with my HVAC worker. That’s why I couldn’t figure out why I was procrastinating about calling the HVAC supplier. I know it worried myself and others that there was something wrong with the gas furnace. I was told it was getting older, even though I didn’t want to admit it. When my HVAC worker told myself and others he was leaving the supplier, I was devastated. I wanted to guess where he was going & how I could get in touch with him. I didn’t want to have anyone else come to my house. He told myself and others that he was moving to another neighborhood after he got married that weekend. Married! How could he know about getting married & not tell me? He was my HVAC worker, & I thought the two of us would be together forever. He offered myself and others an odd look, & I know I saw him quiver in fear as he walked out of my house.

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