There was enough hot chocolate for everyone.

My grandmother is one of those people who is always ready for company.

Whether it is two or twenty-two people arriving, she always has enough food to go around.

Since Gran lives close to the local ski resort, I normally stay with her instead of at the resort. It is so much cheaper and easier to stay with her. It is also more fun to stay with her. The only problem with staying Gran was that she always has the thermostat turned too high. The last time my girlfriend and I stayed there, she told me to put the thermostat wherever I liked. If she got too cold, she would just put on a sweater. I called her prior to showing up this time, since there were about ten of us. I wanted to make sure it was okay to bring all my friends along. It thrilled her to have so much company. She told me she had plenty of hot chocolate for everyone, and I knew where the thermostat was. Fortunately, there were so many bodies in the house it was okay to turn down the thermostat. It was saving Gran money on the heating expense and saving the furnace from running so hard. We didn’t even go skiing for a couple days. We were having too much fun playing games with Gran. She is so much fun to sit and talk to. When we noticed how much cooler it was getting, I went downstairs to check the furnace. I changed the air filter, but it worried me there could be something wrong with the furnace. When I said something to Gran, she said she was aware of the problem and the HVAC technician would be there the next day.


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