I had a truly lousy time at the hotel with our brother and his friends

I can never forget the time our brother asked me to come hang out with him and a few friends at a hotel.

When I thought about a hotel, I thought it was going to be expensive with a particularly nice HVAC system.

I thought the air quality would be superior and I thought it would be a pleasant experience. Well, I truthfully thought that I went to the wrong locale when I arrived at the hotel. I really had to call our brother up to make sure the address was right, however he confirmed the address and said the hotel was a little bit run down. When I walked into the locale, the air quality was bad. I was hoping it would be better when I got to the room everybody was hanging out in, but it did not improve at all. I thought maybe the two of us could fix the issue by cranking up the a/c, but the climate control idea hardly worked at all. I asked our brother if there were any better rooms however he let me think that he already asked them about that and there was nothing better than what the two of us had there. So the two of us spent time there listening to songs and trying to relax, despite the fact that I was not able to get comfortable at all. I really drove a long way to get there so I didn’t want to drive all the way back before getting some rest. I at least brought our sleeping basket but the floor was pretty nasty. Fortunately, one of our brother’s friends brought along a portable cooling system idea that really helped a great deal. That allowed me to sleep easier through the night, despite the fact that I was quick to leave as soon as I got enough sleep.

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