Both of us love our outdoor fireplace out in the country

Something that I am particularly glad about is the fact that I was able to transport out to the country with our fiance, both of us found this particularly comfortable little apartment and the two of us even have a nice fireplace outside.

I really wish the two of us had an indoor fireplace, but that’s something that the two of us will have to save up for.

In the meantime, the two of us have an excellent boiler idea that works well to keep our apartment perfectly moderate and comfortable. I had an HVAC worker come to inspect the boiler idea and I was glad to learn that it is in excellent shape! Something that our fiance and I love doing is great by the outdoor fireplace while watching the lovely night sky. It’s amazing how clear the stars are out in the country as opposed to living in the city. The air quality is lovely and so far the two of us particularly care about living out in the country! From time to time, I even cut out our telescope so that the two of us can look at some of the stars and planets. It’s a real great time no matter what, so long as the two of us have a fire going in the fireplace. I have really been cutting a lot of wood so that the two of us have a sizable stack to use for the fireplace as much as the two of us prefer. I truthfully can’t wait until the afternoon when the two of us can really afford a real wood burning fireplace for inside our home. That is going to be a great afternoon and then I will be able to heat the apartment with the fireplace and save cash on the heating bills.

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