Making all the right moves in my HVAC company

Recently I was hiring people to handle the phone lines at my busy HVAC company.

There was this one guy in particular who stood out in the interview and he even had a pretty good amount of HVAC experience.

With everything this guy was telling me, I was kind of thinking it would be great to have another HVAC technician like this young man but unfortunately he was not HVAC certified. I actually had a plan for this particular guy to have him work the phones for a certain amount of time and then I would cover the cost for his schooling if he wanted to get his HVAC certification. After a little while, he agreed to get into the school and I actually came to learn that this was a cousin of mine who I never met before. It was crazy to think that we were related, but I guess this level of genius runs in the family! I was proud of my cousin when he easily passed his HVAC certification course and he became one of the best HVAC technicians in my company. I’m really lucky that he came looking for a job and I was able to hire him. It’s not exactly easy to find people with his level of expertise and that’s something that I am always on the lookout for. I always aim to please our customers and I can only do that if I hire some of the best people out there. I didn’t manage to have such a successful HVAC company from not making all the right moves!



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