I used to want to live near friends instead of far away

Sometimes I forget how amazing it is to live in an area where you know people. For the past several years I have absolutely been living easily on my very own in a distant city. I have not had any friends or family around so I have had to learn to be self-reliant and capable on my own; all of this can be a lot of pressure when you have so many other things on your plates. These days, I am happily living back in our lakeside apartment building and I am so relieved to see people that I know on a bi-weekly basis; you have no idea how comforting it is to see your friends and family properly. You easily also wouldn’t recognize that it’s significant when you can rely on your central heating, cooling, and air quality control professional that you hired for the past 10 years. You see, when I lived here previously I consistently used the same air quality control professional for our routine and heating and cooling machine repairs, then whenever he arrived at our apartment for a correct heating and A/C maintenance maintenance we barely had to exchange a word about the heating and cooling issue; he knew exactly where our air conditioning and force furnace were situated. He knew what air filters I needed. He knew how I like to program our thermostat. He even knew what repairs our heating and A/C system easily required… Since I have moved back to our lakeside apartment building I have been thrilled to rehire our traditional heating and A/C professional. I am thrilled to say, reuniting has been fruitful personally and for our air quality. Since our heating and A/C professional has come back into our life, it feels like we have picked up right where I left off with our heating and cooling equipment.


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