Boyfriend chooses radiant heated floors over me

As a result of his HVAC desires, he no longer had any time to commit to a relationship

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to date such losers. I always find guys who seem like they have everything together and I start feeling a bit insecure around them. When they are talking about their level of success and dedication, I can’t help but feel like I am incapable of keeping up. However, after a few months I always see the cracks in the facade and slowly realize that I am dating man-children. This is exactly what just happened again with my most recent boo. Everything was chugging along very nicely… Until he just dropped off the face of the Earth. It took many weeks to find out what had happened, and the answer was definitely not satisfactory. Apparently, he has decided that he wants to install radiant heated flooring throughout his house. Because he wants this alternative heating source he needs to save up a lot of extra money to make any professional heating and cooling repair appointments. It costs a lot of money to install heated flooring and he needed to start bolstering his bank account for all of the HVAC technicians to perform the services. As such, he decided he needed to work 24/7 in order to bump up his cash flow. As a result of his HVAC desires, he no longer had any time to commit to a relationship. This is the day that he stopped speaking to me entirely. Well, at least I can look back on 2020 and laugh about the time that radiant heated flooring was more attractive than I was. Hope those floors keep him warm at night.



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