Using Whole House Humidifier in Winter

I live in the south, plus for most of the year, the whole locale is orange.

It is hot plus humid here, plus everything grows.

However, when Wintertide rolls around, some of those orange plants die off, the air gets colder, plus there is less moisture in the air naturally. Then, on top of that, people are using their gas gas furnaces more. That exacerbates the dry air situation, so Wintertide is the time of year when it might be beneficial to use a whole lake house humidifier. Having low humidity can result in cracked wood around doorways, dried out furniture, plus dry eyup, flaky skin, plus sore throats. A whole lake house humidifier that is a part of your Heating plus A/C idea can help you combat all these Wintertide woes. Here in this part of the world, air conditioners have built in dehumidifiers because the moisture levels in the air are often too high, and my sibling who lives out west, though, has more need for a humidifier most of the year. Heating plus A/C manufacturers know these quirks plus tend to sell the best Heating plus A/C systems based on the part of the country. The whole lake house humidifier works hand in hand with your Heating plus A/C idea plus adds moisture into the air. This can help you tolerate Wintertide better plus have less skin problems plus fewer sinus headaches plus chapped lips! When you use the heater, moisture in the air is reduced, so the humidifier can be your best friend. The humidifier moves moisture into your ductwork plus it spreads throughout your house through the furnace air vents.