Dry Skin and Other Winter Ailments Can Be Helped

When winter rolls around, I start having some common problems.

  • My skin tends to dry out and become itchy and flaky.

My lips start getting chapped. I start having sore throats and sinus headaches. All these things are the result of having less humidity in the air, and they can all be helped with the assistance of your HVAC system. If you use the heater, the problem becomes worse, but that is not true if you use both the heater and a whole house humidifier. A Whole house humidifier works in tandem with your HVAC system by adding moisture into the air. The increased humidity lessens the bad effects of the heater and the dry winter air. Water is amazing, and it is important even in the air. Using the humidifier in tandem with the heater can help you breathe easier, as well. People who have a humidifier get fewer colds, have fewer bouts of the flu, and a reduced chance of infection. It’s not just people that suffer from a heater with no humidifier, though. Your wooden stuff can become cracked, dry, and brittle if you have just a heater with no added moisture. I have hardwood floors that are at least fifty years old, and I don’t want them to get ruined because the heater dried them out. YOu know those shocks you get in winter when you touch something? Those can be eliminated or reduced, too, with a whole house humidifier. If you have expensive electronics in the house, those, too can be damaged by having too little or too much moisture in the air, so be sure to use your HVAC with that in mind.



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