Fireplace Inserts May be Good Option

Do you have an old fashioned fireplace in your house? Fireplaces are common in my area, and they are not bad to have, as we don’t need huge furnaces around here.

We live in the south, and cooling is much more important than heating, for the most part.

The thing is, though, regular old fireplaces are lovely to enjoy but they are not exactly efficient as a heating source. If you want to keep the furnace off and use the fireplace as a heater, a fireplace insert might be a good idea. A fireplace insert is a self-contained unit that usually uses pellets, gas, or wood as fuel. Sometimes, they can be electric, as well. Anyway, a fireplace insert can be placed inside an existing wood burning fireplace to make it a more efficient heating source. Everyone loves to curl up next to a fireplace and have a cup of cocoa or a hot toddy and read a good book, but if you are looking to have a good heater, a plain old fireplace is not the answer. You should look into getting a fireplace insert and then using that as a heater. A wood burning fireplace insert also uses less wood. That means a longer fire, less using the furnace, and less mess to clean up the next morning. Right now, I live in a rented townhouse, and it has the old fashioned fireplace, but I am not going to pay for a fireplace insert in a house I don’t own. However, I own a house that I am going to move into in a few years, and I plan to need less HVAC in the winter by getting a fireplace insert.



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