My friend won’t stop bragging about their gas furnace

I have known our friend Tom ever since the people I was with and I were adolescents in school.

The people I was with and I don’t get to talk to each other or hang out as often as the people I was with and I used to due to us being married with wives & adolescents.

Our schedules are constantly kept busy & there just does not seem to be a lot of time to just hang out with the guys, then however, recently a free day came up & the people I was with and I agreed to spend the day golfing together. The people I was with and I both love golf & it is a good way to pass the time! When I arrived at the golf course the people I was with and I started talking & catching up & then he started talking about his modern gas furnace; According to him he & his wifey happily got rid of their outdated gas furnace & replaced it with more than one much nicer heating elements. The first was a central oil furnace with an substituted smart control unit, & to go along with it they bought a fireplace. He boasted now he had the best gas furnace in his whole town & how he felt terrible for all of his neighbors still using a anxious little oil gas furnace. I thought the bragging was a little bit ridiculous despite the fact that I couldn’t help however to feel glad that he was able to get something he wanted. I tried to change the conversation back to what the people I was with and I came for, golf, & the people I was with and I started the game. However after only various hours he started asking me when I planned on replacing our gas furnace. He told me I deserved something nicer & started counting & recommending all the lists of Heating & A/C companies he knew in our area. I told him I was glad with our oil gas furnace & had no plans to replace it. Ir caused a bit of a disagreement.

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