My boyfriend and I fight over the temperature

My boyfriend and I have interesting fights.

We yell, scream, and throw things at each other.

Now I know to an outsider that sounds horrible. But we don’t have normal fights, when we yell at each other it is made up of insults that sound ridiculous. When we throw things at each other it is anything small and light, cardboard, plastic, foam cups, pens, etc. In it’s own weird way it is how we bond because we fight and then make up. After we have apologized to one and another and laugh about it, we see who had the best insults. A big part of the arguments is the thermostat and heating in cooling technology in general. I am very much for regular HVAC tune-ups and ductwork cleanings and I like my temperatures slightly on the cooler side. My boyfriend on the other hand thinks cleaning and tune-ups is just burning money, and he was raised in a tropical environment so he likes warmer temperatures. I told him I wanted to invest in a smart HVAC and he also thinks that is a waste of money. He will ask me what is wrong with a traditional dial thermostat? We have been changing the temperature on each other constantly which only leads to more arguments. After this went on for a full month of us living together, we decided to sit down and discuss it. We both settled to keep the temperature at even 75 degrees and we would purchase two zone controlled HVAC units. One for me, and one for him. This has worked out much better for us, and we can now have our own temperatures to take with us.

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