Helping my neighbor repair her a/c

I have lived in the same town for ten years now.

In those ten years, I have gotten to know all of my neighbors very well.

One of my neighbors that lives just down the street is an older woman that I see every morning on the way to work. She has always given me a friendly greeting as I passed. Just last week on a saturday evening with nothing really to do, I sat inside the living room just watching some TV. I was taken by surprise when out of nowhere I heard a loud banging sound outside. I got up and looked out of curiosity and I saw my neighbor over the fence in her backyard hitting the air conditioner with a stick. I ventured outside and politely asked her what she was doing. She explained to me that her air conditioner stopped working and wouldn’t come on and she had hoped that by rattling the insides of the a/c unit would come back on. I offered to take a look at her cooling system and I reminded her that I work in the HVAC industry as a cooling professional. She allowed me to look and it didn’t take me long to find the source of the problem. This air conditioner was old and outdated and was in a great need of some new parts. I told her the news and told her not to worry, that I have lots of spare HVAC parts in my garage and I’ll run over and grab the parts she needs and come back. It only took me about ten minutes and I was able to find everything she needed. I did the installation for her and it was repaired.


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