Had a party where the control unit was broken and I had to upgrade it

I remember when I was a youngster, I used to do all kinds of crazy things.

Every so often, my parents would leave the apartment to myself and others and my siblings.

They constantly said to not throw any parties, but that was just too sizable of a temptation for me. I was the eldest of the siblings and I told my younger siblings to keep their mouths shut when I decided to throw parties when our parents were away. I gave them candy for motivation to stay quiet and they never ratted myself and others out. Well, there was this a single party that got a little bit out of hand. I was mad when a few guys that I didn’t love came to the party. I told them to leave and they wouldn’t listen. All of us ended up getting into a fight and then some of my friends had my back. The fight got out of hand and a single of the guys ended up getting slammed into the control unit! The control unit was busted up genuinely bad and then the Heating & Air Conditioning method quit toiling. I told everybody the party was over and I kicked those guys out of the apartment with my friends. They apologized that things got out of hand despite the fact that I knew it wasn’t any fault of my friends, then my friends were fantastic though and came up with the method to come up with enough money to buy a similar control unit. So we all got our money together and we had just enough. All of us went to the hardware store to buy a control unit that was the same model as the a single we had. I installed the control unit and my parents never knew anything was wrong.

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