My grandfather loves to tell me stories of how he met my grandmother

My grandfather always enjoyed telling me stories about him and my grandmother when they were young.

I learned how they met and the places they loved to go to.

They enjoyed going to the movies with the ice-cold air conditioning. They loved to go camping together where my grandfather would build a fire in the fireplace so they could keep warm. He even told me about the time when he proposed to her and it was a magical moment. I loved the way he described that moment and how nervous he was. Eventually they were able to get their first car, but they had to live in an apartment with a crappy window A/C unit. He said it was terrible, but the A/C from that window A/C unit was better than having nothing. Eventually he was really happy when they were able to buy their first home together. He said they got a few top-of-the line window A/C units and they had a really nice fireplace. They always enjoyed relaxing in front of the fireplace over the years and then they decided to have children. I really love the fact that the house he was talking about is the same house he has lived in all this time. Sadly, my grandmother passed away a few years ago and I feel bad that my grandfather lost her. He says never to worry though because he knows she’s in a better place just waiting for him. He feels like he will have a little more time left in this world, and then he will go back to be with the love of his life.


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