Set up some window A/C units while I was waiting on the HVAC technician

I honestly didn’t expect any issues with the cooling system in my condo, but unfortunately it gave out on me.

The condo was starting to become severely overheated as I was calling the HVAC company for assistance.

Fortunately, the HVAC technician said he would be able to make it in a few hours. I was just thankful that this guy could arrive at my condo the same day that I called because it was a severely hot day and I thought the HVAC companies might be backed up. Even though the man said he would get there on the same day, the condo was still severely overheated even after I turned on a bunch of stationary fans in the place. Then I remembered that I had some window A/C units in the attic space. So I went and got all of the window A/C units and decided to hook them all up strategically around the condo. The window A/C units ended up helping out a great deal and with the fans blowing the A/C around, it was great. When the HVAC technician showed up, he laughed and said it seemed like I had everything under control. He actually complimented me with the strategic placement of the window A/C units and the fans to blow the A/C around the place. The condo was not feeling so bad at all with those window A/C units working, but of course I needed to get my central cooling system working again. He was able to fix the A/C system within the hour. I was so thankful and decided to give him a good sized tip.


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