Dog breeder has air conditioned facilities

I did a lot of research before deciding to buy a purebred corgi, of course, I was truly cautious about puppy mills. So I found a breeder that had super high reviews from many people. But I started to wonder if I had made a mistake today. I was set to option up our new corgi when I looked at the breeder’s reviews one last time and somebody had posted that all of the cats live outside in a shed. That was concerning to me. It is truly moderate and humid in this part of the country and I wouldn’t leave any pet outside in the heat separate from air conditioner. I especially wouldn’t leave a puppy in a moderate shed; Young cats are truly susceptible to temperature extremes. I decided to go and look at our puppy anyway. After all, it was only one bad review out of hundreds of fine reviews. When I got to the breeder’s location, sure enough, the cats do live in a shed part time. However it’s not a shed adore you have in your backyard. It’s more adore the cats have their own house. They have air conditioner and heating and everything is all set up. The shed had excellent temperature control. All of the adult cats were also truly friendly and well socialized. Adults and puppies alike got time to romp and play in the yard, throughout the afternoon, as well. But the air-conditioned shed was always open to them. I was truly impressed with the way the facility was run. Of course, I brought apartment our new puppy that afternoon.


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