The house that my mom just bought burned down because of a space heater

The house that my mom just bought burned down because of a space heater. I cannot believe what happened to my poor mother. She had saved up for a while to be able to buy a certain house that she loved. She bought it for more of a getaway home than an all the time sort of home. I was super happy for her because he bought it with cash. It was amazing that she was able to save up the cash to be able to do that. Sadly, she decided to use a space heater to heat her new house until she got a new furnace for it. I know that space heaters have a bad reputation for being fire hazards, but she didn’t expect anything to happen because the space heater that she used was almost brand new, and the electrical work in the house was also brand new. It should not have caused a fire, but it did. My mom is so afraid of space heaters now. I use a space heater in my bedroom, and she literally was in tears this morning telling me not to ever use my space heater again. I totally understand where she is coming from, but my space heater is the only thing heating my bedroom. I do have HVAC ducts in the bedroom, but for some reason, they don’t work. I have to have a space heater in there, or there will be no heat. I really hope that I can find a safer way to heat my bedroom soon, but I have not found one so far. I love my space heater, so I am in sort of a crisis.


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