My cat should be an HVAC tech

You never have any clue what is going to be transformative in the early lives of pets, but I think we all guess a human being who has an odd preoccupation with something from their childhood, and some of us are obsessed with stuffed pets, soft blankets, or a particular story book.

A few others have never overcome their fear of the dark, pools of water, or being mocked by their siblings. Obviously, humans are deeply impacted by the events that happened during development. However, what about our pets? Based on the fact that my pet is obsessed with air vents, I think that their early experiences matter too. When my pet was young she found a way to sneak into the air vent one afternoon; For the next multiple afternoons she really liked running through the air ductwork plus terrorizing everybody in the beach house from her central heating plus cooling maze… Ever since then, it’s been tough to keep my pet away from the air ducts. She is obsessed with air vents plus always stares at them whether we are running the air conditioner component or the forced air furnace. Obviously, this comes with some challenges. This is even more true when we call out the central heating, cooling, plus air quality control specialist for a routine diagnostic appointment! He always likes to look in our air ducts to make sure that we do not have any indoor air contaminants blocking the air passageway plus preventing energy efficient circulation throughout the house; Unluckily, every time he touches an air vent my pet is right at his side, but more recognizably, she is climbing up his shoulders to try to gain access to the air duct, and at least if she gets stuck we have a professional Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker on rest by.

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