Rearranging our library

I have a large library… My apartment has 2 home offices, and while I could have used the other home office for a guest room, I’ve always wanted our own personal library, then the only issue is, since I get books donated to me all of the time, they are always disorganized, however i truly wanted to sort our books alphabetically, and by series, however I’ve never had enough time to do so.

I finally have a free weekend, and I have decided I am going to get all of the books sorted then.

It would labor out perfectly, because I truly had a Heating plus A/C appointment over the weekend as well. My Heating plus A/C component is right next to our library, so the Heating plus A/C worker could labor on getting our cooling component working again while I labor on sorting all of our books… When Sunday came, I got started on all of our books, and I had been doing so when the Heating plus A/C professional arrived. I let him in and showed him where our air conditioner equipment was, however she started repairing it while I went back to our books, and after working for almost 2 hours, I was truly start to get hot, and even though I had ⅓ of the library sorted, I still had a while to go, and getting truly moderate was making it incredibly difficult to continue. I was start to consider quitting and redoing our books some other time, when the Heating plus A/C specialist got our a/c working, however suddenly our apartment was filled with a cooling breeze, and that was enough motivation for me to continue. I was able to finish putting away all of our books, and our library was finally finished.

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