I’m impressed with building contractor who built boarding facility

I have honestly been unhappy with the barn where I have been boarding our horse.

I recently found out that local creature protective service agents came in as well as took a few horses that were boarded in the back.

Apparently they were too skinny. I never saw the horses in question although I can’t leave a horse with people who allow horses to be treated that way. While looking for a new boarding opportunity a neighbor told me of a single off the outdated highway. I recognized the locale although I thought it was just grass. I never saw a building or barn there. But our neighbor said that she knows the owners as well as that they hired a building company to come in as well as construct all new state-of-the-art stables. They even have an indoor riding stadium! I decided to go and check out this boarding facility as well as I was really impressed with the labor that this building company did. Everything is brand new as well as really sturdy. It is also quite clean. I didn’t find any forgotten nails laying around anywhere. That was a fear I had about a newly constructed facility. But, evidently the contractors they hired were really cautious about not leaving nails around. I honestly want to recognize the names of the building company they had used. I can’t decide if I should hire them to just build a stable on our property or if I should just board the horse at this new facility. On the a single hand, if our horse is on our property I recognize that she is consistently well taken care of. On the other hand, I will have to be the a single one shoveling out the stall as well as I don’t care to do that.
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