The people I was with and I have a ceremony locale thanks to construction service

People are consistently asking me about using our private park for a ceremony locale.

  • Of course all of us usually allow that however all of us don’t have any kind of accommodations for ceremony.

That means people need to hire companies to bring in chairs, tables, as well as everything else they might need for any ceremony. But It also means all of us can only charge them the general admission fee. This early Springtime all of us decided to take a risk as well as change all of that. The people I was with and I hired a local construction service to come in as well as set up a ceremony space overlooking the lake as well as under the sizable oak tree. The contractors build a gondola as well as bench seating for up to one hundred people. There are also tables as well as just about everything else needed for any ceremony. I have to say that it looks amazing. The construction service honestly did a truly excellent task. It looks so nice that I almost want to get married again. Even better is the fact that now all of us can rent out this ceremony locale for significantly more money than all of us were making do with only charging general admission. It is $2,000 just to use the space for 45 to 60 minutes. The good thing is that all of us are already getting dozens of reservations. People prefer this new ceremony space. I just wish that all of us had hired the local contractors a few years ago however I’ve consistently been tight with money. But I am rethinking that now. The people I was with and I honestly need a new welcome center as well as I am trying to talk myself into letting go of some more money hiring the construction service to build that too. After all, it will improve the overall look of the park.

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