Customizing my closet

I recently bought a house that has a good master bedroom that comes with a giant closet.

When I saw the closet I was just giddy.

I finally can have a room to put all my clothing, shoes, hats and jewelry in. The woman before set up icky closet shelving and weird heights for bars. I ended up removing everything, cleaning the space, mudding the holes and repainting it. Now I have a giant open space with no ideas on what to do next. I don’t want to mess up my closet. I get one chance to have the right amount of storage. I tried designing my own closet online with no success. I finally had to call a custom furniture builder to help me. The guy took a look at my space and really seemed to know what he was doing. He told me to measure my clothing that hangs now. How long does everything hang to? How much space does it take up hanging? He also asked me how many pairs of shoes I have. He wanted to know about my jewelry if I wanted it hanging in the opening or hidden away. I have him all the details he asked and the guy has gone to town organizing the space. He has two short closet bars. One hangs very high up and sets far back. One is lower and towards the open space. This is so I can hang dresses on one bar and they hang behind my blouses on the lower bar. He also made a custom shoe cubby for my high heels and has drawers for my clothing and baby drawers for my jewelry.