The oil furnace needs a current part

In a couple of years it will be time to replace the heating components

When problems with the oil furnace appear, it’s important to call a professional to help, but of course, there are a few things to check before making the call. Sometimes the fuse or circuit breaker needs to be reset. Sometimes the oil furnace filter needs to be cleaned. Sometimes the problem isn’tthe oil furnace at all, and a control unit issue can often cause malfunctions with the Heating and A/C equipment. My partner and I had trouble while in the coldest section of December. I immediately evaluated a few things on the issueshooting list, even though I knew that a call to the Heating and A/C company was necessary. I did not want to wait a long time before I made the call, because I wanted the heating company to repair the component on the same morning. As soon as I finished checking a few things, I made the call to the Heating and A/C company. They stressed an appointment for later that morning. My partner and I found out that the oil furnace needed a current electric igniter. The ignitor is an important section of the oil furnace that helps create a flame. I watched the Heating and A/C worker replace the electric igniter and I am sure I could repeat the same task in the future. The worker said this kind of problem does not happen frequently, so hopefully it’s the only time the item will need to be replaced. In a couple of years it will be time to replace the heating components. My partner and I have been thinking about getting rid of the gas oil furnace. It might be nice to replace to radiant heated flooring.


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