Constant car trouble

I just can’t get lucky with cars it seems. Recently, I sold my old car for a much better, newer model car at a cheap price. My old car was constantly breaking down, had managed to several dents in it, had a flat tire and the windshield wipers didn’t work. Even after I fixed all of the above, I still had continuous issues with that car. It seemed like every week something was bound to break down. There are only a couple of positive things I can say about that car, which is that it lasted for a long time, and that it had great A/C. Surprisingly, of all of the things that broke down continuously on that car, the air conditioning system always worked very well, and it was always easy to travel in the car because of the comfort it gave. I decided to put my old car up for sale, to hope I can buy something much better, well I did. I bought a car that was a newer model, had better mileage, and had a nice leather interior. The car was great to drive and was perfect in every way, except for one thing. The air conditioning sucked. I finally had gotten a better car, and the one thing that was great on my previous car, the A/C, didn’t even work in this car. As if it couldn’t get much worse, I am having difficulty getting the cooling system to work. I have troubleshooted and it seems like it should be in near perfect condition, but yet it doesn’t work. It just figures out all of the cars in the world, I had to get one that didn’t have working A/C.


Air conditioning install