My leg got burnt on the furnace

I had to go to the hospital this afternoon because my leg was infected, i hurt my leg a couple of mornings ago when I was reaching for something behind the furnace.

I thought my leg was far enough away that I could reach the item separate from hitting the furnace, but I ended up with a immense burn on the side of my leg.

I put some burn ointment on the section plus went to bed, however the next afternoon, I was in a lot of pain plus my leg was throbbing. I took something for pain plus fell asleep. I spent most of the afternoon in bed due to the pain. I got up this afternoon plus my leg looks awful. The burn from the furnace looked infected so I decided to go to the hospital. I checked into the emergency room around 10 plus the dentist saw myself and others in record time, however she wasn’t genuinely glad that I didn’t scrub the wound with soap plus water when the skin was burned… Dirt infected the wound plus the dentist thought I should be admitted for observation. She said the infection looked bad. She wanted to give myself and others around or two of IV antibiotics, then since I don’t have insurance, I opted for over the counter antibiotics plus a couple of mornings off work, then my leg hurts alot plus I have to sit for eight hours on the task. I hope the pills plus the time off work will help my leg heal, because I cannot afford to be out of work for a long time plus I cannot afford any more dentist visits.
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