Summer fun can finally begin

In my own Community there is a huge pool with two slides.

It was regularly my number one thing to go to the pool during the time I was growing up.

During some horribly high and humid Summers, going to the pool was regularly a great feeling. Things have not even changed very much since I have been an adult. I regularly still attend the pool during every day of the summer. It is a great feeling. Not many weeks ago, I was at the pool plus extremely disappointed to find the pool was closed. No one told anyone about the reason and a few of my friends and I were even tempted to jump over the fence. It seems like a bad idea Plus it would be difficult to go all of the summer separate from the pool just for hopping the fence once. I had to go home and make do with my own crying plan. I still thought about my number one activity of swimming and splashing around. I continue to check back every day about the pool plus it seems they were not going to open it very much. For 3 days in a row I had to suffice with the cooling plan in the air conditioner to help me. I was pleasantly surprised a few days ago when I walk by the pool plus realized that it was finally open. Now I can save some money on the air conditioner go plus go back to the pool and enjoy my time until winter is here.

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