Eyebrow threading was the perfect solution.

I have what I call wild old man eyebrows; Even though I have blonde hair, my eyebrows are thick and dark, and they also tend to stray outside the normal eyebrow line.

My eyebrows tend to creep closer to my eyes and the outside towards my temple, and for years I used to pluck them individually.

It became a routine that in the morning after my shower I would pluck a few hairs and go about my day, however anytime I went on holiday, my eyebrows kind of took control of my face. A friend of mine then recommended going to a waxing salon to get them done. If I had my eyebrows waxed, I wouldn’t need to do constant service. I looked up videos on waxing salons and how it works, waxing eyebrows looked just way too intimidating to me. It looked absolutely painful and all the people had bright pink skin afterwards. Thankfully I started looking around online for other hair removal techniques. That is how I found threading. Eyebrow threading takes a soft, cloth thread and removes hair without painful pulling. The hairs are removed by the follicles, so they take more time to regrow. The process takes about fifteen minutes and it doesn’t hurt the skin. There is no icky wax and no occasion of missing stray hairs. I instantly started looking up threading salons and booked my first appointment. Now I am an eyebrow threader, so once a month I go to the salon and I get my wild old man eyebrows taken care of. It is so nice not having to think about them every day anymore..


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