Meal delivery services because I don’t have the time

When my wife and I got divorced I found that I had no home skills.

I struggled also being a single parent to my two kids.

When I had the kids I needed to get them ready for school, take care of my house and do laundry. The upkeep of my home and the kids took a significant portion of time out of my day. I was working hard taking my kids to school, various sporting events, fixing up my new house, cleaning and I had no time leftover. I ended up doing take out with my kids just about every day of the week. Not only is that expensive, but it was annoying always picking up food. It also isn’t healthy for my kids. Thankfully I found a meal prep service online that does everything. I order all three meals with the service. The kids can pick out breakfast, lunch and dinner that they actually like. We just then pop them in the oven and our food is good to go. I no longer have to worry about practice running late or a project taking longer than expected. The meals all have calories listed too. My kids are eating healthy meals that are made fresh. It is way better than anything I could have come up with. I get to spend the time doing what is important, spend time with them. When my ex has the kids, I can adjust my order to only providing food for me. It is really simple and it has been a huge lifesaver.


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