I failed at being a housewife

When my husband and I got married I decided I was going to be the typical housewife.

I had grand plans of fixing up my home, cleaning, getting laundry done and preparing luxurious meals.

I figured out quickly that I am not a housewife type of gal. I had no clue what to do in terms of decorating and I basically just painted the walls white. My version of cleaning is mopping every once and awhile. When I remember laundry, I bitterly complain to the point my husband helps me. Cooking has proven to be the hardest one of them all. I kept burning meals, over seasoning or not having the right ingredients. I couldn’t even make toast and eggs successfully. It got to the point my husband and I were eating out for every meal. I then found meal prep services online. I can order food delivery anytime I want. I can even order breakfast online if I have the desire to do so. I only do dinner right now and I am pretty evil. I haven’t told my husband that I am using a meal delivery service. I have failed at all my other goals. I don’t want him to know that I can’t even cook a decent meal. I squirrel the pre packaged food in drawers in the fridge. When he is not around I just pop everything in the oven and act like I slaved all day making it. The meals taste good and it takes me five minutes! He is going to find out eventually though.

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