Buying radiant floor DIY kit

I live in a very cold climate.

The winter season starts in August and doesn’t typically end until May.

The snow starts to fall in October and it just gets colder from there. I love where I live because my family is here, but sometimes I dream of moving to a warm climate. However, I know that I never will because I don’t want to leave my family. Every year when the weather starts to get colder, I know that I need to call my local HVAC company to have them come out to my house and service my HVAC system. I like having the HVAC company come out just to make sure that my heating system is working so I don’t have to worry about the heater breaking down in the middle of a snow storm or a cold front. So I made my appointment with the HVAC company and the HVAC tech came to the house today. I got to talking with the HVAC tech and he recommended that I get radiant heated flooring to help keep my house warmer in the cold months. I had heard of radiant heated flooring before, but I always assumed that it would be too expensive. However, the HVAC tech told me that if I buy a radiant flooring DIY kit then the cost won’t be as high. I told him I wasn’t sure if I had the skill set to install the radiant flooring by myself but that I would do more research and let him know!
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