Crystal wasn’t happy with the drunk HVAC technician

Crystal had so many plans for her life after college. She wanted to move to the coast and continue running her online business. Only this time, she had plans to expand it now that she wasn’t too time-constrained. However, life had other plans. Her grandmother, who had raised Crystal, was getting old. After a nasty accident in the bathroom, Crystal saw it fit to move back home and run her business while taking care of the woman who had raised her since her mom passed away when she was 5. Her grandmother’s house turned out to be the perfect place for Crystal’s business, but she had to do something about the air conditioning. Crystal’s grandmother had not managed to get the air conditioning serviced for some time. It was working but not effectively blowing cool air into the house. She went online and got contacts of a local AC business. After managing to get an early booking. Crystal waited an hour before the HVAC technician showed up. He arrived a little late, and from the moment she got close to him, Crystal smelled alcohol. He was wobbling when she met him at the door and refused to let him in. Crystal told the drunk HVAC technician to leave and placed a call to the AC business complaining about his unprofessional behavior. The AC business owner was shocked by this news and apologized to Crystal. He said he was coming over to handle the air conditioning matter himself and would handle the issue of the drunk HVAC technician. About half an hour later, the AC business owner, a professional HVAC technician with 20 years of experience, managed to fix the faulty air conditioning and apologized to Crystal about the matter.
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