My dad lost his job as an HVAC technician

I cannot believe that my dad lost his job as an HVAC technician.

Actually, it isn’t that surprising.

I honestly thought that things were starting to look good for my dad. My dad has always struggled with keeping a regular job, but I have always chalk that up to his abuse of drugs and alcohol. He could never manage the workload, and he would only work for the same company for a few months before he would quit. However, he has been trying to get his life straightened up. He got a job with the HVAC company a few months ago, and he was actually enjoying it. Honestly, I did not expect my dad to like working for the HVAC company, but I supported him in it. Normally, my dad has a hard time getting a good job, and he is forced to work for companies that do not pay enough. However, the owner of the HVAC company was going to allow him to start training as an HVAC technician if he stayed there for a while. He managed to stay there the required amount of time, and my dad was training to be an HVAC technician. I couldn’t believe it. My dad was getting paid good money, and he was going to become an HVAC technician. I knew that if he could keep the job as an HVAC technician, his life would completely change. However, he must have decided that he didn’t like his job as the HVAC technician because he started skipping work. Finally, the HVAC company was forced to fire him. I do not blame the HVAC company for making that choice, but I am sad that my dad wasted such a good opportunity. I think that he would have been a great HVAC technician.

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