Not pregnant, just pudgy

A month ago I forgot to take one of my birth control pills.

I noticed I was taking a sunday pill and it was actually monday.

Right after that I started feeling nauseous and had no energy. I immediately figured that I must be pregnant. When I started gaining weight, I figured that I was for sure expecting. I recently have gotten my period. So now I am not pregnant, just sort of chubby. I guess I was using a potential baby as an excuse to not work out as hard and snack during the day. I am paying the price for it now. Being pregnant would have given me a free pass for a bit of flab. Now that I am not, I need to get it into gear. I haven’t been able to self-motivate like usual. I don’t feel like going for runs and I am not a confident bike rider. A person can only squat, crunch and do so many push ups. Other than that, I don’t really know what else to do. I think I am going to go to the local core progression and sign up for personal training. I need a certified fitness expert giving me new things to try. I actually need someone encouraging me and giving me advice on how to be healthy. I am not severely overweight either, I just need to lose a few pounds. I think if the trainer got me on a good workout plan and doing it regularly, my body would bounce back. I just need to put in the work.



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