Doing an arm work out twice a week

I recently have been doing a physical training class twice a week so I can work my arms.

  • When I work out on my own, I never seem to have time to do my arm work out.

I really like warming up by going for a quick jog or bike ride. I love stretching, doing leg drills or abs. I hate it when anything works my arm muscles. Rather than be severely mismatched with how fit I am, I am making it a priority to be all over healthy. The physical training class is just brutal on my arms though. I expected to do push ups and hold planks for most of the class. The fitness expert has me work with battle ropes, toss a medicine ball to him and even use weighted poles. There are kettlebells and there is this little wheel you roll to extend out in a pushup position. I am waiting for the day that I feel confident during class and my arms look good. Right now I spend the whole class being whiney and wanting to quit. My arms get sore to the point that I can’t shampoo my hair or lift them above my head. You would think that doing the class two days a week would make my arms stronger. Maybe I need to start lifting free weights in my spare time to be ready for class. The personal trainer says he is only working on toning my arms, but I expect to look like the Rock one day.