Running inside and outside

The winters in my local area are long, snowy and brutally cold.

The temperature is frequently below freezing and sometimes drops down into the negative digits.

The fall is typically wet and windy and the spring is a mix of snow, rain and thunderstorms. For the majority of the year, it’s necessary to handle my daily fitness routine inside the house. It is a long enough commute to the nearest fitness center to make it really inconvenient. I’ve invested in a variety of equipment to set up a home gym. I use the treadmill most often. I run anywhere from three to ten miles nearly every day. The treadmill is a great way to burn a lot of calories, work a number of muscles and build stamina. It helps with toning and slimming. I like that I can listen to music and have easy accessibility to my water bottle. The treadmill allows me to adjust speed and incline. It tracks my pace, calories burned, heart rate and distance traveled. The treadmill is also very boring. Running in one place gets tiring. I always look forward to the weather drying up, warming up and allowing me to run outside. Despite the many miles I put in on the treadmill, running outside is always surprising. I am never prepared for the extra demands of uneven roads, weather, potholes, inclines and declines. It’s difficult to dress appropriately. I can’t drink water or use the bathroom. I can’t quit whenever I want to. If I’m five miles away from home and it starts raining, I need to run the five miles back again.

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