Unable to shower after strenuous workout

I am diligent about exercising every morning.

I set my alarm early so that I can have sixty minutes to workout, and I make the most of my time.

With a heavy focus on high intensity aerobics, I make sure to get my heart pumping. I exhaust my muscles, test my stamina and try for whole-body benefits. After a thorough warm up, I vary between wind sprints, jumping rope, burpees, lunge jumps and other strenuous movements. I add in different styles of weight training, including lifting free weights, push-ups, plank holds and resistance bands. I always finish with some type of abdominal workout and a deeper stretch. At the conclusion of the workout, I am dripping sweat. My clothes are drenched and I smell terrible. The best part of the workout is stepping into the shower. It was a very unpleasant surprise last week when I turned the faucet and nothing happened. Not a drop of water came out of the shower head. There was no way I could head into work without a shower. I was disgusting. I had no choice but to take the day off from work to wait for the plumber to show up. It took him two hours to get there. I then apologized to the plumber for how gross I was. I went without water for another three hours. Because of the delay in washing off the sweat from my workout, I ended up with a rash on my skin. It was a horrible experience that I hope to never repeat. After every workout, I now cross my fingers when I turn on the shower.



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