Trying to run with the dog

I regularly go for runs around the neighborhood.

I might run two or three times per week, and I go anywhere from three to eight miles.

I’m not overly fast, but I have decent endurance. I keep myself in good physical condition. Along with running, I jump rope, ride my bike, lift weights, lunge, squat and do lots of abdominal crunches. I’m conscientious about daily stretching. So when I babysat my son’s dog for a week, I thought it would be fun to run with her. She is a two-year-old, 65 pound airedale. My son and the dog frequently run together. I figured running would be a good way to get rid of some of her excess energy. She got really excited when I snapped on the leash. She definitely recognized the leash that is used for long-distance runs. As soon as we stepped outside, she proceeded to drag me down the road. I couldn’t keep up with her. I thought she was going to dislocate my shoulder. I am 56-years-old, five feet tall and have short legs. I don’t run at the same pace as my son who is in his twenties and over six-feet tall. I eventually had to slow the dog down to a leisurely walk. I was very discouraged. After we walked for several miles, I noticed that she was panting and tiring. I gradually increased our pace to a comfortable jog. She was good about accepting my pace. We ran until we were both exhausted. It was a wonderful workout for both of us. I took her for several more runs over the course of the week, trying out different routes. Each time, we started with a long walk first.


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