I prefer to workout outside

My exercise routine is a priority.

I workout seven days per week.

When possible, I complete my exercises first thing in the morning so that I can benefit from more energy and a better mood all day. Because of the fresh air and more space, I also prefer to handle my workouts outside. The weather in my local area is a problem. The severity of conditions influences the time of day and location of my workouts. The temperature can swing between sub zero and the mid nineties. I expect to deal with feet of snow, torrential downpours and excessive humility. High winds, hail, freezing rain and fog are just a sample of the frequent weather extremes. I am always thrilled when the conditions are just right for me to head outside in the morning and enjoy a productive training session. I am so happy when I can wear a T-shirt and shorts and feel perfectly comfortable. My favorite spot to workout is my back deck. There’s plenty of room to move around, jump rope, lift weights or whatever I feel like doing. I also have a lovely view of the pond and woods behind my house. I often spot deer, rabbits, turkey, foxes and groundhogs. I am far more motivated to work hard when I’m breathing fresh air and feel the sun on my skin. During the summer, when the temperature climbs and the humidity sets in, I need to exercise as early in the morning as possible. I make every effort to complete my workouts before the heat of the day makes it too uncomfortable. By September, the weather is already cooling off. I then need to wait longer for the temperature to warm up. I need to bundle up in long pants and a jacket and often see my breath. It doesn’t take long before it becomes too cold and wet to be outside.


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