Evaluate the air ducts each year to ensure there are no leaks

If any person’s condo is more than 30 years old, there is a likelihood that parts of their furnace may need repair or replacement.

Here are some signs that their furnace may be in need of repair.

If they’re always having to change the control unit, the furnace may need repair. If the control component is having a taxing time maintaining an ambient temperature of their home, they may have a defective control unit. Purchasing a control component is cheap and not taxing, although they may seek to get a smart control component with zone control that can be programmed via an app on your phone or PC. If they’re experiencing chilly spots in their home, the furnace may be in need of repair. Freezing spots are a sign that the air in their condo is not being circulated properly. If they’re experiencing freezing spots in their home, they may have an air flow concern within the HVAC system like a congested air filter or leaks in their air duct. However, the HVAC filter should be replaced consistently, especially if they have pets. Their air duct should be evaluated every year or so to ensure that there are no leaks. If their furnace is making noise, it might be time to have the furnace inspected by a professional HVAC specialist. Every year, components of the furnace will wear down or break, and need to be replaced. Regular inspection and maintenance by a licensed HVAC professional is the best way to ensure that their furnace is in typical working order all year long. If you know your furnace may be in need of repair, speak with a local HVAC company immediately.



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