I make it a point to be physical on vacation

I usually choose a hotel that has a large property surrounding it.

Some people look at vacation as a time to kick back on the beach with a book. They drink lots of booze, sleep in late and relax for hours. When I go on a trip, I treat it like an adventure. I want to get my money’s worth so I need to see a lot of sights. I don’t go to tropical islands with white sand and a bar. I usually travel to a foreign country so I can see the sights and experience a different culture. I spend my vacations in a rental car going from place to place. I hike, kayak, paddle board, bike and even scuba dive while on vacation. It is a very physical trip for me. I don’t sleep in, I get up early to work out and enjoy my day. No matter where I go, I ensure I have some way to work out. In the bigger cities I usually can snag a fitness room. Give me a treadmill, some hand weights and a place to stretch and I am good. I need enough room to do some tuck jumps, squats and leg lifts. Other than that, I can get by. In the smaller towns of the country I explore, it is hard to find fitness gear. I usually choose a hotel that has a large property surrounding it. I then will get up early with my little portable speaker and do a yoga based work out on the lawn. People are always shocked to see me working out. Apparently foreign people don’t workout like me. Perhaps no vacationer makes it a priority like me.


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