Not proper hydration

I am nuts about proper hydration.

60% of the human body is water.

The brain and heart are about 70% water and the lungs are around 80% water. We need to take in liquid in order to be healthy. Water also is good for weight loss, keeping your energy up and preventing injury. A lot of people are not good about regular drinking though. My mother is the absolute worst when it comes to hydration. It is not out of the norm for her to drink one cup of tea in the morning and then maybe a glass of ice tea at dinner. That is all she gets in terms of liquid. In the north, she could get by on that little of liquid. Now that our whole family lives down south, my mother struggles. The hot weather means she sweats more and loses water. My mother has fainted, fallen over and gotten bad migraines before all due to improper hydration. I am always on my mother to keep drinking. A woman should drink about 2.7 liters of water a day. I am trying to get my mother to drink two bottles of water. I especially push her to drink during a workout. It is good for the body to get hydration when it is sweating and working hard. She needs to replenish that lost water. I also think a water break is great for making sure you rest and don’t overdo. It has been a long road getting her to drink more, sadly she does revert back to horrible habits.

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