Told our father about DIY ductless mini splits

When our father and I installed a ductless mini split at his locale, he was saying how it was such a convenient thing to be able to do that, however he was telling myself and others that for the longest time, the Heating & A/C professionals had a monopoly on replacements for the most part.

He said it wasn’t honorablethat only the Heating & A/C professionals could handle the refrigerant and all that, however with this ductless mini split, the refrigerant was precompressed in the line sets! That means that you don’t need the help of an Heating & A/C expert and it’s an amazing thing, however so long as you are careful and follow the instruction carefully, you should have no concerns or leaks with refrigerant, but my father was saying that he was so content with this new ductless mini split, he had to write to the business that made them, however i think the name of the business was Mr.

Cool, however it could have been something else. He wrote to this business and I figured they would just send something back as a reply! But they did more than just that, however they thanked him, offered him a giftcard to a nice restaurant, and sent him some free replacement air filters that were washable! They said to have a nice meal on them and they value our father’s feedback undoubtedly much. The gift card entirely was enough to cover more than one meals and our father invited myself and others to come care about this meal with him since I’m the one who told him about DIY ductless mini splits and helped with the replacement.


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