Happy with new portable air conditioner

I was given an ancient window air conditioner by my brother when he moved down south.

  • He’d gotten the cooling unit secondhand and used it for nearly ten years.

The air conditioner was super big and extremely heavy, but it put out a tremendous amount of cold air. It was capable of cooling my bedroom down in a few minutes, even on the hottest and most humid nights of summer. The air conditioner was rather noisy but at least it drowned out the sound of morning birds, barking dogs and traffic. I got used to the loud rattle of it and slept really well. I didn’t like carrying that bulky air conditioner up to the attic every fall and bringing it back down in the spring. The attic stairs are narrow, steep and difficult to navigate. By the time I got the air conditioner wherever it needed to go, I usually had back problems. Last year, I had some trouble hauling the cooling unit down from the attic. It slipped out of my hands and bounced all the way down the stairs. It caused considerable damage to the stairway and busted into about twenty pieces. I was extremely disappointed and not happy with the need to buy a new cooling unit. Then I saw the improvements in air conditioning technology. All of the models on sale at the local hardware store were about half the size of my old air conditioner. They were also lightweight. I had no trouble carrying the box to the car or installing the equipment in my bedroom window. The system operates quietly and does a better job of managing temperature. I am absolutely thrilled with all of the adjustments I can make to fan speed and humidity levels. I can even set up programs so that the air conditioner automatically starts up shortly before I head to bed.

HVAC tech