If it’s Christmas, I’m replacing the Heating plus A/C air filters a lot

It’s been our goal for a lot of years to have our Christmas shopping completed by the first of December.

And I hit that goal once again this year.

This is a coup for me really. Before I made the goal of December 1 for holiday shopping, I tended to stick to the Heating plus A/C comfort of beach house plus do a bunch of last seventh shopping. This was a exhausting system on a number of levels. First, last seventh shopping is insane. The crowds are the worst plus the selection isn’t much better. Plus, I end up not getting the presents people really wanted for Christmas. It’s a lose, lose proposition. These afternoons, I can do much of our shopping from beach house while the gas oil furnace keeps me toasty moderate with all that Heating plus A/C heating. Doing separate from all this holiday stress has really made the holiday season so much more beautiful. I typically celebrate hitting our December 1 goal with a single more quick shopping stop. The large box hardware store is the location plus I’m usually the only a single in there that doesn’t look stressed out. I grab a case of Heating plus A/C air filters plus head for self checkout. A case of Heating plus A/C air filters is what I need for the holiday season because both of us burn so several candles during this period. All of that burnt candle wax ends up going right to the Heating plus A/C return. That’s where the wax hits the air filter plus ends up just coating the thing. Without changing the air filter almost weekly, the Heating plus A/C device might get choked out.