Discovering holes in the ductwork

When we bought our house, my husband and I didn’t pay enough attention to the means of temperature control.

We should have hired a licensed HVAC contractor to look everything over.

We paid for a home inspection and there was nothing in the report to indicate any concerns with the heating and cooling system. The air conditioner and furnace appeared to be quite new and in very good condition. Unfortunately, a home inspector isn’t qualified to evaluate an HVAC system. He doesn’t have the knowledge, experience or tools to complete thorough testing of efficiency or capacity. Shortly after we moved in, the summer heat and humidity arrived. We discovered that the air conditioner couldn’t keep up. Lowering the thermostat simply forced the cooling system to run non stop. The house still felt overheated and clammy, and our monthly electric bills were extremely high. When the winter season brought temperatures down into the negative digits, we had the same concerns with the furnace. It seemed to operate continuously and yet insufficient heat was coming from the vents. Our house was freezing cold and the monthly heating bills were draining our budget. I finally contacted a certified HVAC contractor for service. He tested the duct system and found that 25% of our heated and cooled air was escaping for leaks at the seams and small holes. The duct sealing procedure was completed in a couple of hours. The savings on our energy expenses has paid for the service within two years. It would have been really helpful to have been aware of the duct issues before we purchased the house.
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